Our Mission & How you can Save Time + Eat Well

November 25, 2019

STEW stands for, Save Time & Eat Well.

Stew’s mission is to provide nourishing, wholesome food to our community by offering delicious, satisfying meals crafted with healthy, locally-sourced ingredients. We aim to create an element of convenience and accessibility while also supporting local businesses and giving families back their most valuable asset – their time.

So… How does it work?

You can place your order online each week by Tuesday evening to receive meals delivered to your doorstep on Saturday morning. Menus and recipes rotate each week and feature seasonal ingredients. We work with local farmers to try and incorporate the freshest, locally sourced ingredients possible. We at Stew are proud to say that we only use antibiotic & hormone free meats in our dishes so you can feel great about what you’re feeding your family. We believe in supporting and working with local farms, because we know quality ingredients are crucial to a healthy life.

We created this company because we saw such a need for wholesome, prepared meals that are both healthy AND convenient. Before we created STEW, my husband and I often found ourselves living off of those pre-made Costco taco kits, the salad bar at Whole Foods, and let’s be honest… Chic Fil-A. All because of the convenience factor alone!!

Now Stew can take all of the stress out of meal planning for you! No more running back to the store because you forgot an ingredient, or spending hours each week grocery shopping & meal prepping. No more swinging through the drive through at lunch time because you’re hungry and couldn’t take the time at home to pack a lunch! We make it easy for you to eat mindfully, healthily & enjoy meals that are packed with flavor!

We hope you will give us a try!


Katrina Velasquez

Owner & Chef

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