Why You Should Try Stew

February 16, 2020

Why spend so much time cooking when you can have it done for you?

Let’s talk about the many benefits that come from using a meal delivery service.

First and foremost, ordering from a meal delivery service is an amazing time saver. Lets face it, getting dinner on the table can be challenging. From meal planning, to creating a grocery list, shopping, to the actual prepping & cooking, (and clean up!) – the whole process takes up a serious amount of time and energy! There is no question about it, ordering from a meal delivery service, like Stew, is perfect for both busy individuals and families.

On average, Americans shop for groceries at least twice per week and spend 30-60 minutes cooking — not counting clean up time every night in the kitchen.

We at Stew offer the wholesomeness of a home-cooked meal but with much less hassle. We deliver our meals weekly to your door, every Saturday morning, bright and early. Our meals are individually packed so you can just open, heat, and enjoy. 

Another thing that makes us special is this, all of our food is prepped & cooked locally, meaning nothing is being shipped to you from a factory where the individual ingredients are vacuumed sealed in plastic and mailed to you in a box. All of our food containers used are 100% recyclable, and microwave safe. Our insulated delivery bags are also reusable, making us much more eco-friendly than the average meal delivery subscription service. 

Ordering from Stew is also a great way to practice portion control. There are only as many servings in your order as you purchase, so it’s helpful you struggle with overeating (and impulse shopping – I am totally guilty of this!!)

We rotate our menu each week to include meals that are both health conscious & delicious. We offer balanced options that can help you say “no” to ordering pizza. We help you avoid take-out or dining out (at least during the week 😉 ) where the food can be crammed with sodium and calories (not to mention expensive!)

Although ordering from meal delivery service can initially seem pricey upfront, we are much more reasonably priced than you would think. Our prepared individual size portions cost $12.99 & family size meals range from $25-34.99. These prices are certainly a good deal when you consider just one Big Mac meal at McDonald’s is around $6, not including taxes. Not to mention, our meals are MUCH more nutritious and we use healthy, quality ingredients in our meals. We only use hormone & antibiotic free meat & try to incorporate as much organic, local produce & meat as possible. 

Ultimately we want you to save time & eat well. We hope you will give us a try!

Use promo code ‘savetimeeatwell’ from now until 2/18 to receive 15% off your first order!

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